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Have you noticed that nowadays playing is given relatively low priority? Kids are investing greater amounts of their time and energy doing homework, watching television, and are mostly indulged in electronic games rather than playing. Unfortunately, on the other hand we will find that many traditional thinking adults consider playing as irrational and purposeless. However, many researches and other studies have proved that playing is a process, not an activity which is a crucial part of the development and growth process of the kid.



 Playing helps your child to develop positive character traits from a very early age. Whether your child is playing cricket, hockey, football, volleyball or any other game they will learn the rules of fair play and working together as a team, which will shape their moral principles. 


Moreover, the kid who plays regularly not only have a friendly nature, but it is also seen that those kids have more long- lasting friendships which is not generally seen in those who don’t play. Playing help kids to make more of healthy and long – lasting friendship.


Many parents often complain anxiety and stress in the kid, but once the kid starts involving in playing, they will build self – esteem, which will help them to challenge their own emotions and energies in an effective way. Perhaps, playing will help them to reduce the stress level and anxiety.


General Analysis says that kids who play will not only develop physically, but they will develop in various different ways as well. Commitment in the playing encourages kids to build up the other crucial abilities like creative ability, relational abilities, imagination and critical thinking.


Involvement in playing will always help kids to learn something new in means of communications, techniques, ethics, co- ordination, relations and many other important aspects that will continuously keep them exploring more.

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