Super Knit Industries is one of India’s preeminent manufacturers
and exporters of premium and luxury socks since May 1999.

Super Knit Industries is a pioneer among socks manufactures in India. It is a premium quality socks supplier, which has established a mark of its quality and excellence in the industry since the year 1999.

Recognized for exceptional quality, design innovation and customer satisfaction, Super Knit Industries has an annual production capacity of 15,000,000 pairs of socks that are made with utmost care and superior craftsmanship.

Super Knit Industries has a global outlook and surpasses the quality standards of socks manufacturers from China. The company’s vision, its innovative design development, makes it a frontrunner, among socks exporters in China and socks manufactures in Turkey. It has an exemplary track record of customer satisfaction and stands out as one of the best exporters of socks in India.

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Our main goal is to ensure impeccable product quality,
consistent customer satisfaction and unmatched services.

Mr. Naval Saraf

Founder – CEO, Super Knit Industries


In 2012, the founder’s son’s, Mr. Harsh Saraf and Mr. Vivek Saraf joined the family business; they realized its sheer potential and identified the gaps in India’s socks market and the lack of a strong Indian brand for Quality Socks, Handkerchiefs & Boxers led to the inception of the in-house brand - ‘Supersox’, ‘Luxxio’ & ‘Supergear’..

Super Knit is delighted to be able to directly reach their Indian consumers through Supersox. The Indian consumers can now own and enjoy Super Knit Industries’ wide range of export quality socks online through - www.supersox.in, a countrywide distributor network and local vendors.

The management team at Super Knit Industries has a strong attitude towards achieving sustainable growth by developing long-term, mutually beneficial associations with their clients, key personnel and their workforce.
Also available in 12,500+ stores across India
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