Company Culture


Super Knit’s objective is to conduct business processes and operations with integrity while being sustainably profitable. The management team strongly believes in progressing ethically and maintaining mutual honesty between buyers, key personnel and the workforce.

The Super Knit workforce is the company’s biggest asset; the teams uphold the company’s core values and are the backbone of the organization. It is due to the determination and hard work of the workforce that the company can guarantee quality, precision and excellence to its clients. The management teams work towards their goals of social responsibility to the fullest and ensure that their employees are a content lot. They pay heed to and take into consideration the opinions and suggestions of their employees.

Super Knit Industries is well known for high quality, innovation and customer satisfaction; nonetheless they believe that innovation is a continuous process. The highly qualified design teams diligently deliver new and improved designs to ensure that the brand stays ahead of competition. The design team is encouraged to freely ideate and innovate in order for them to be active participants in the process of delivering a superlative product to customers.

The Super Knit mission is to deliver consistent customer satisfaction and this is achieved by following a five-point program at all levels of the organization:


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