Quality Compliance


manufacture socks that are truly unmatched for quality.

The team at Super Knit Industries delivers a product that is unparalleled by any other sock company as far as quality is concerned. They manufacture socks that are truly unmatched for quality. To ensure that each piece in the product line meets these elevated standards, Super Knit has set and maintained over the years, the company enforces a strict, zero-tolerance, quality compliance policy for the manufacturing process using several checks and balances.


The quality of yarn plays a critical role in defining the characteristics of socks such as stretch, feel and warmth. We purchase from the best, most-reliable suppliers in the country. All our suppliers are certified by 'OKOTEX' standards and supply 'azo' free yarn. We have an in-house covering machine to convert elastane into covered nylon spandex and elastic yarn. This vertical integration as opposed to procurement from suppliers, further guarantees high quality control.


During the process of knitting, a sample sock is hung on the machine and is utilized as a reference for other socks. This sample sock has been perfected and approved for a specified color, size and design. The technicians in charge ensure every sock manufactured comprises of the exact specifications as achieved in the prototyped sample. They also inspect for knitting quality but measuring the different dimensions in comparison with the original prototype. Prior to batch production, a few socks are manufactured on each machine to confirm that they are identical. Only after the technician's approval do we begin producing them in bulk.


We achieve minimal wastage and maximum quality by investing in the best technology and dedicated quality control personnel on board. QC personnel check each machine at least once every four hours. The sock tester machine to confirm the length, width and stretch parameters of the socks. Lose threads are removed and the seam is analyzed for fineness after hand linking and rosso linking. The socks are also checked while they are on the boarding machine. Any socks that do not meet quality standards are removed. At the pairing stage, socks are again checked and approved before they go to the packaging department.


Packaging raw materials such as labels, band roles, stickers and hangers are checked as per set quality parameters. During packaging, the socks are again checked for measurements, color assortments, labeling and bar-coding to guarantee that they meet all the required customers' specifications. QC personnel, trained to role-play as buyers, do a final random check of 5% of the packaged boxes. Keeping the buyer’s interests in mind, they have the power to override other employees in the company with regards to the approval of goods prior to dispatch.


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