Supersox presents -loafer bold assorted socks for kids

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Not every kid love’s showing up their sock above their shoes. So, considering this Supersox have specially designed an exclusive LOAFER invisible socks for both girl and boy which hide your sock under your shoes. Doesn’t its sounds great?

Why you need bold loafer’s socks for kids?

  • Supersox -Loafer socks are extremely intensive discreet sock, which hides inside your shoes
  • It is available in beautiful vibrant colour for both boys and girls
  • Socks have an extremely thin boat line which can worn under loafer, moccasins, sneakers and low -cut boots

What makes it special and different?

  • These cotton and spandex no-show socks are made with silicon technology that prevents them from slipping around in your shoe .
  • They’re also made from cotton and are breathable and moisture wicking
  • For comfort level socks are made with soft & ultra- breathable combed cotton with elasticised arch band for high level of comfort for kid’s feet

Where to get them?

You can visit to your nearest outlet and ask for supersox bold loafers or get them online through various online portals like amazon, flipkart, mytra, snapdeal. jabong, limeroad, PayTm. Or you can simply visit our website and get 20% discount.